Saturday, June 25, 2011


Each week, Mofo Squad War Stories will be doing a feature story on one of our Mofo Squad members to get to know a little bit more about them. This week, we hide out deep in the woods and accuse everyone of hacking, with Don Mario.

MSWS: When did you first begin playing the Battlefield series and what was it that caught your interest?

DON MARIO: I think it was early 2003 when I first seen this game in gaming newspaper. Caught my eye, I said to my self " wow nice, better than AMIGA graphic. let me try it". Then the journey start. 

Don Mario's first gaming PC, the Amiga

MSWS: What's the story behind the name you chose to use in game?

DON MARIO: It is actually funny story. I want to pick DonMarioBF (BF from beetle Field) however at this time someone already used this nick. I picked "2" as next available and that`s the way stayed. Match very well to BF2, BFBC2:-) 

Beetle Field? What's Don Talking about?

MSWS: Which of the current Mofo Squad members, did you first go into battle with?

DON MARIO: Not sure, but I think it was Stealth. After year 2005 I stop playing BF. Then in 2007 Stealth told me that there is special version of BF2 just released and suggest to buy.
I bought and then fun start again.. 


MSWS: What is your favorite kit to play and why?

DON MARIO: Hmmmm. I think everyone hate snipers.. I love sniper kit. You can run and use knife with any gun. With light armor you can just be very efficient. Also sniper keep you back. I save so many team members from being wipe out. especially Jim_Reaper.. But I think he doesn`t know about that. 

Jim Reaper loves Snipers

MSWS: Tell us about your all time favorite map in the Battlefield series and why you like it?

DON MARIO: I have actually two maps: BF2 Mashtuur City and BFBC2 Laguna Presa. Very playable maps, very efficient for any kit. 

BF2 Mashtuur City

BFBC2 Laguna Presa

MSWS: What weapon, old or new, do you wish you could add to the current BFBC2 game.

DON MARIO: AN-94 with 4x scope. You can snipe with this baby. Dice messed up physics for AN-94 bullets so you can kill you enemy from other end of the map. Then you will just see in chat log" What the F****? I`m dead? Where the F888 is this guy!"


MSWS: What's your favorite pin you hope to see in the personal stats at the end of a game round?

DON MARIO: None, I don`t watch on pins. Just fun. do they have one for that? Bad ass fun pin?

Bad Ass Fun Pin - Just for you Don Mario!

MSWS: From what you have seen of the BF3 previews, what are you looking forward to the most with the new release later this year?

DON MARIO: Not at all until patch  # 1.xxxx billion will be released and all has fixed. Dice always f*** something, give more power to hackers that server admins. I will wait until they bleed them self..


MSWS: What helpful tip would you give someone to help them improve their game play.

DON MARIO: Stop playing for two weeks, then go back to playing, take 3 shoots of vodka, one red bull and enjoy the ride. 

Get your game on!

MSWS: Do you have a favorite moment or funny experience in Battlefield you would like to share?

DON MARIO: Yes, when Jim got upset after Stealth stab him 5 times:-) Jim is always positive guy. but this day was an exception. He get really piss off:-) 

Stay positive, no exceptions!


  1. Let's not mention the knifing. These are not the droids your looking for!

  2. Bravo, Don and Maxx. Very entertaining post. I learned a lot from reading this, especially that Don's saves my ass so much. Where the F were you on that night I was getting knifed by Stealth?!?!?

  3. Thank you for my OWN Pin:-) Great one. I love it. I guess we could sell it to DICE:-) Max request trademarks:-)

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