Thursday, December 29, 2011

Disco Don Mario

Here's a few fresh dance moves for you to add to your bag of tricks for the upcoming New Year's Eve night on the town

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Four BF2 Maps to be released.

Oh yeah baby.  Just when I was getting all nostalgic for BF2!   Karkand, Sharqi, Wake and Oman are back!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have a SAFE Thanksgiving!!!

The MOFO SQUAD would like to wish you a very happy and SAFE Thanksgiving Holiday with this very important public service announcement from our good friend Captain Kirk...



Monday, November 21, 2011

He's in the Conex!

MOFO newcomer Bud introduced us to the term "Conex" a few months ago.  He kept saying "In the Conex!" and we kept saying "What the F*&!%K is a Conex??

Well, now we know it is one of those standard international shipping containers!  So at my Warhammer game this weekend I recreated a scene with Bud charging into a Conex!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quick Links To Your Stats Page

If you click on your picture in the left or right homepage tray, like so...

You can view your own personal BF3 page loaded with stats and info!

Fun with a propane torch!

Friday, October 28, 2011

OCC Grainger Chopper

Had to share this with you guys. OCC did a custom bike build for the company I work at, Grainger. It was very cool!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

BF3 Mutiplayer Maps

Check out these cool screen shots coming soon to BF3 multi player!

Operation Metro - Paris

Operation Firestorm

 Tehran Highway

Damavand Peak

Kharg Island

Caspian Border

Seine Crossing

Noshahr Canals

Grand Bazaar

Read more about these maps at:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Battlefield 3 in Times Square, NYC!

Was in Times Square with some buddies tonight and look what we found!  Yeah, BF3 is BIG!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Battlefield 3 T-Shirts

Dice is offering over two dozen awesome T-Shirts for sale on their site and I am ordering one!

My fav:

There is also a great Poster:

Shop well my friends.


Friday, August 19, 2011


I went to go see a basketball game in China,
 and a hockey game broke out!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jim's Mean Machine

Processor: 2600K 4.3 GHz
Motherboard: Asus Maximus IV Extreme
Memory: Corsair 8GB 2000
Hard Drive: OCZ Vertex 3 SSD 120 GB
CPU Cooler: Asetek 920 H20
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 580

PC In Action:

Sunday, August 7, 2011


300 ZX Comercial
"You Really Got Me"

Pathfinder Comercial
"Calling Doctor Love"

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Each week, Mofo Squad War Stories will be doing a feature story on one of our Mofo Squad members to get to know a little bit more about them. This week, we take a road kill joy ride with bullet magnet and dirt nap extraordinaire, Madd Maxx.

MSWS: When did you first begin playing the Battlefield series and what was it that caught your interest?

MADD MAXX: I've always loved the war themed games and first person shoot-em-ups for both arcade stand up and PC. I can remember dumping pocket loads of quarters into Sea Wolf and Battlezone at the arcade.

Then along came the good old days when I could get away with playing Doom, Wolfenstine, Duke Nukem, and Aces over Europe on my PC at the office! Life was good back then…

Eventually Call of Duty and Medal of Honor came out and I would take looooooong lunch breaks at the nearby Best Buy and play on their demo PCs.

A buddy of mine kept telling me about Battlefield 1942 and how it was way better than COD and MOH because you got to hop into vehicles and drive them all over the place. The WWII era weapons and vehicles of BF1942, the epic battle maps, and the experience of online multiplayer gaming is what got me hooked.

I used to get a kick out of seeing people type in team chat "who's the @$$#%!& who beached our air craft carrier!!!" 9 times out of 10, that @$$#%!& was me!

MSWS: What's the story behind the name you chose to use in game?

MADD MAXX: Max is my real name, and growing up I hated it cause it was different. When the Road Warrior came out in 1982, the toughest kid in high school started calling me "Mad Max". So that nickname stuck with me. The number 84 comes from my football jersey I wore and also the year I graduated high school. Add an extra X and D and that’s how I came up with my in game name MADDMAXX84.

MSWS: Which of the current Mofo Squad members, did you first go into battle with?

MADD MAXX: Back in the BF2 days, I would watch to see who would get the most kills in a round. I kept seeing Jim Reaper at the top of the list, so I would squad up with Jim and try to hit him in the back of the head with as many ammo packs and med kits that I could throw at him. I figured since I couldn’t get kills, I would play the support role. Shortly after that I met Stealth, Thrasher and Loken (aka Linnear at the time). I later met Don Mario in BFBC2.

Jim Reaper

MSWS: What is your favorite kit to play and why?

MADD MAXX: I'd have to say I have my better rounds when I'm using the assault kit. I usually pop a couple of 40MM grenades first then clean up with the M416 equipped with red dot sight and magnum rounds. I usually drop ammo boxes in doorways of buildings or high traffic areas to get a few supply points during the game.

M416 with 40MM grenade launcher

MSWS: Tell us about your all time favorite map in the Battlefield series and why you like it?

MADD MAXX: I'm sure not too many people remember the Invasion of the Philippians map from the BF1942 series, but I absolutely loved playing this map. It had all the look and feel of "Black Sheep Squadron" and more. The map was not part of the original BF1942 release, but was actually a freebie that was included with the 1.5 patch update.

 Aerial view of Invasion of the Philippians

IOTP was one of the larger 64 multi player maps at the time and a good "island hopping" strategy was key to capturing all of the 6 flag capture points.

BF1942 - Invasion of the Philippians map

It also included wide variety of neat stuff including: Japanese destroyers, anti-ship coastal gun emplacements, airplanes, tanks, jeeps, and patrol boats equipped with machine guns, torpedoes, and sea mines.
The Elco 80 PT Boat
MSWS: What weapon, old or new, do you wish you could add to the current BFBC2 game.

MADD MAXX: I really miss the old muscle car from the BF2 Armored Fury maps (Operation Midnight Sun and Operation Road Rage-16 player maps). It was a strait up road kill machine. Slap a few packs of C4 to the front bumper and you got yourself one heck of a land torpedo.

BF2 Armored Fury Muscle Car

Of course if they ever brought it back, I'd love to see it upgraded to a bad @$$ Mustang Cobra like the "Stealth Mobile"!

Bad @$$ Stealth Mobile

MSWS: What's your favorite pin you hope to see in the personal stats at the end of a game round?

MADD MAXX: The one pin I enjoy seeing most is the Gold Squad pin. That’s an award we all share and all contributed in earning. After we get one, I like to check the leader board to see if we pulled off a "Mofo Sweep" (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place spots on our side). When other players see all the Mofos at the top, we get their respect pretty quick. Mess with the best...die like the rest!

Gold Squad Pin and a Mofo Sweep

Another pin I enjoy is Wheels of Hazard which you get for road killing at least 3 bad guys in a round. Don’t forget to honk that horn a few times for added insult. It's even more fun when you got a car full of passengers to share the carnage with! 
Wheels of Hazard Pin

MSWS: From what you have seen of the BF3 previews, what are you looking forward to the most with the new release later this year?

MADD MAXX: I can't wait to put on a stunt spectacular air show for all the MOFO boys with the return of jets to the game. I like to fly completely reckless and I think it's a real crowd pleaser when I "epic fail" the landing, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! I'm also looking forward to playing brand new large scale urban maps with lots of buildings to destroy. You gotta love guilt free vandalism!


MSWS: What helpful tip would you give someone to help them improve their game play.

MADD MAXX: I like to shadow the squad member who is getting the most kills in a round. I figure if their on a hot streak their the safest person to be around, and you can learn a lot from watching a really good player. Also, if I can support them with ammo and meds, then maybe I can help them get an ace pin in exchange for keeping my @$$ safe!  

Stay close to the Ace

MSWS: Do you have a favorite moment or funny experience in Battlefield you would like to share?

MADD MAXX:  One of my favorite memories was loading BFBC2 on my new PC, and after taking some time off from the game, seeing that Jim, Stealth, Thrasher, and Loken were still out there playing. Reconnecting with them and being invited back to squad up with them (and be able to shield them from enemy bullets regardless of my K/D ratio) was a great honor. As a tribute to the Mofo Squad, I started the "Mofo Squad War Stories" blog site to record the good times we've had together so we can always look back and remember them.

I remember Jim saying "Madd where are you? Don’t be afraid come join the battle." I replied in text that I was driving around shooting some video clips I needed for the blog. Then Jim yelled, "What the #&@% Madd, are you with #&@%-ing Stars and Stripes? DROP THE CAMCORDER AND PICK UP A GUN!"

Seeing Stealth coming straight for me on an ATV with Thrasher on the passenger seat. In a desperate panic I started swinging my knife and close lined stabbed Thrasher off the ATV. While I was still wielding the knife wildly, Stealth hopped off and shot me to pieces!

Hey Stealth, where's Thrasher?

One time I hoped in a helicopter first and Stealth said, "go ahead Loken, you fly with Maxx". Loken replies, "Can Maxx fly?" Before taking off, I texted to Loken to sit back and relax, and reassured him by telling him I used to fly helicopters during the Vietnam war (100% total BS). I then took us up and started to fly forward but within a few seconds I pitched the nose down too fast and cart wheeled us upside down and landed on the rotors crashing the heli into the desert and killing both of us. Next thing I heard was Loken swearing at me…a lot!

#&@% MAXX!

There was this one time on White Pass when Don Mario was playing wookie-go-seek in some bushes next to a cliff and he kept telling everyone to spawn on him, when we did we plummeted to our death in the ocean! Thanks a lot Don, that was such BUUUUUUUUUUUL $#!T, but it was still pretty funny!

Spawn on me if you want to live!