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Each week, Mofo Squad War Stories will be doing a feature story on one of our Mofo Squad members to get to know a little bit more about them. This week, we go "STARBORD, PORT, BOW, STERN, ON THE HILL, AND IN THE QUAD" with human compass and king of the F-bombs, Loken.

MSWS: When did you first begin playing the Battlefield series and what was it that caught your interest?

LOKEN: My wargaming buddies were going to a gaming bar to play this game they said was awesome.  I didn't want to go because I didn't need to get dragged into something that would take up a lot of time (I can be compulsive about my passions).  I went anyway and we played Battlefield 2 for 3 hours and I laughed my ass off the whole time.  I then bought a computer the next week and that was 2006.  I love the team play.  And of course, in BF2 I loved being in command.  Just the general in me!  I really miss that in BFBC2.

MSWS: What's the story behind the name you chose to use in game?

LOKEN: Linnear was my first name on BF2 and that is from a series of books by Eric Lustbader (Who now writes the Bourne books since Robert Ludlam died).  I love those books and have read them 3-4 times each.  The character's name was Nicholas Linnear.  In BFBC2 I changed it to Loken, which is for Garviel Loken, the protagonist in the Warhammer "Hours Heresy" series of books that is all the rage for players of Warhammer 40,000, which is a miniature wargame.

Garviel Loken

MSWS: Which of the current Mofo Squad members, did you first go into battle with?

LOKEN: Well, I can't remember, other than I specifically remember where I was on Operation Harvest when Stealth, Thrasher and Jim asked me to join their clan.  We had played together from time to time before that. 


MSWS: What is your favorite kit to play and why?

LOKEN: In BF2 it was Special Forces as I was a C4 whore.  I was the team specialist at blowing up tanks with C4.  A lot of that is just the fun of being reckless and running at tanks with nothing but some silly putty.  In BFBC2 I think it is Assault.  I like the ability to use the grenade launcher or the 40mm shotgun, which is a blast.

MSWS: Tell us about your all time favorite map in the Battlefield series and why you like it?

LOKEN: Has to be Operation Harvest.  I love how wide open that map is.  And Karkand.  I spent DAYS on that server. In BFBC2 it is White Pass.  I love the snow!

BF2 Armored Fury - Operation Harvest

MSWS: What weapon, old or new, do you wish you could add to the current BFBC2 game.

LOKEN: Well all the new weapons are pretty damn good.  I think I miss the ability to just get more ammo or health by running over a pack.  I DO NOT miss Claymores.  They were a pain in the ass.

Claymore = Pain in the @$$

MSWS: What's your favorite pin you hope to see in the personal stats at the end of a game round?

LOKEN: Oh Knife kills for sure!  I love knifing Snipers the best.  It is always nice when I can steal an ace pin from Jim too!

MSWS: From what you have seen of the BF3 previews, what are you looking forward to the most with the new release later this year?


BF3 - Back To Karkand 

MSWS: What helpful tip would you give someone to help them improve their game play.

LOKEN: Learn to switch between weapon's fast.  And learn not to go running into a room while reloading!

MSWS: Do you have a favorite moment or funny experience in Battlefield you would like to share?

LOKEN: I think it was when Maddmaxx got run over by a tank while teabagging me.  Serves you right bitch!

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