Saturday, July 9, 2011


Each week, Mofo Squad War Stories will be doing a feature story on one of our Mofo Squad members to get to know a little bit more about them. This week, we realize that these are not the droids we're looking for… So kick back, relax, and enjoy a slice of Mofo Pizza with the founder of the Mofo Squad, Stealth.

MSWS: When did you first begin playing the Battlefield series and what was it that caught your interest?

STEALTH: I began with BF2.  I had heard about Battlefield 1942 and it sounded interesting but I was playing Tribes at the time.  Years later Tribes 2 was slowly dying and they released the piece of crap that was Tribes 3 and I was done.  Thankfully BF2 had just come out and the squad play and different vehicles sounded like just what I was looking for, so I upgraded my rig and jumped in never to look back.  Now I realize how much fun I must have missed out on  not playing 1942.

MSWS: What's the story behind the name you chose to use in game?

STEALTH: Well I used to be Stealth_S in Tribes and was hoping to get that name.  When I tried to register it said that that nick was already tied to a gamespy account.  This really pissed me off because it was MY gamespy account but was linked to an old no longer used e-mail address and could not be recovered.  So I tried Stelath S, Stealth.S, Stealth-S, ect but nothing would take so in anger I typed Stealth_mofo and it took it.  Doh..  Turned out alright, I like when people try to type something about those dam MOFOs on a server with the profanity filter enabled and it comes out ^*(&@^, which pisses them off even more.

MSWS: Which of the current Mofo Squad members, did you first go into battle with?

STEALTH: Thrasher first, then Jim_Reaper.


Bros before hoes.  Wait, that came out wrong..  I actually like hoes but they don’t hold up in battle too well, first t-bag they get and they end up looking like the Joker pretty quick.

10 dollars, hmmmm...what a delimma...
Do you go with the grilled smoked salmon special?
Or will it be a hoe for these bros?

MSWS: What is your favorite kit to play and why?

STEALTH: I play different kits on different maps depending on what the current situation calls for.  I do enjoy Engineer a lot and try to drop 6 mines on most maps right away even if I don’t plan on playing that kit on that map.  With over 2000 mine kills you can tell Stealth likes his pizza deliveries!
An unsuspecting tank is about to encounter a Mofo Pizza Delivery...

MSWS: Tell us about your all time favorite map in the Battlefield series and why you like it?

STEALTH: This is a tough one.  Sooo many good maps, in BF2 anyways.  BFBC2, not so much.  I miss the huge 64 player maps from BF2.  I would have to say Operation Road Rage was one of my favorites.  It was fast moving, easy to get around and had attack helis, mini birds and the A-10.  What more do you want?  Operation Harvest would be up there as well..

BF2 - Operation Road Rage

MSWS: What weapon, old or new, do you wish you could add to the current BFBC2 game.

STEALTH: The FAMAS was by far the most accurate weapon, the jackhammer was an amusing weapon that I often miss.  So one of those I guess, although I would settle for a knife that actually works more than 20% of the time.

Hammer Time!

MSWS: What's your favorite pin you hope to see in the personal stats at the end of a game round?

STEALTH: I guess it would be the ACE pin.  I miss the star system from BF2, at least then when Jim played I could still take home something.  Can you make me a, “living in Jim_Reapers shadow” pin?

Jim's Ace Pin (left),  Living in Jim's Shadow Pin (right)

MSWS: From what you have seen of the BF3 previews, what are you looking forward to the most with the new release later this year?

STEALTH: Bigger maps, better graphics and a working hit reg.

I find your lack of faith disturbing...

MSWS: What helpful tip would you give someone to help them improve their game play.

STEALTH: Play as a team, help your squad, do not leave your wingman.  Hugging a pine tree to randomly snipe people 200+ meters away is pointless in an online multiplayer game.  And no Don, you are not helping!

Stealth, is this what you ment by play as a team?

MSWS: Do you have a favorite moment or funny experience in Battlefield you would like to share?

STEALTH:  Don screaming at a person he just killed, “Do you want my bullet?” over and over.  Don saying, “Spawn on me if you want to live”.  I think he was like 4-18 at the time. Basically, Don.  He is hilarious and the best hacker finder anywhere.


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