Saturday, April 27, 2013

This week, Mofo Squad War Stories is excited to bring you this feature story on one of our newly enlisted Mofo Squad members to get to know a little bit more about them. We had a chance to say think evil thoughts and say our prayers with AZSITHLORD.

MSWS: When did you first begin playing the Battlefield series and what was it that caught your interest?

AZSITHLORD:  A little background, was an MP in the army for 6 years, loved doing CQB (Close Quarters Combat) training and such, so I was drawn to the First person shooters.

I think my first shooter was Dark Forces... then Counterstrike.  Played a lot of Counterstrike beta, our group started looking for other worthy shooters.

Tried BF1942 for a bit, then got caught up in a bunch of other games (RTS,RPG and MMO) came back for some BF2042 and BFBC 1 & 2 which led me to pick up a lot of the other Battlefield games.

MSWS: What's the story behind the name you chose to use in game?

AZSITHLORD: Being a huge star wars fan, use to run with darkjedi but after a while there tended to be a lot of darkjedi(insert random number) peeps out there. 
Anual Sith Lord Sausage Fest

And my counterstrike nick was (ThUg)NoRemorse, and that was just a little arrogant(even though it was appropriate then) 

I was on a local fan site with the Arizonasithlord name and decided to use it for BFBC2 and BF3 now...
OMG! Check this out, we knew there was a sub limitable message embedded within his name!

MSWS: Which of the current Mofo Squad members, did you first go into battle with?

AZSITHLORD: I believe it was Loken that invited me to play with the group, and i don’t know who was there those first few fights/nights but i stuck it out and have had a lot of fun playing with the group.


MSWS: What is your favorite kit to play and why?

AZSITHLORD: Started with and pretty much stick with the Support kit, cause I love throwing lead downrange... played a lot of support in BF2 and BF2BC2... tend to always fall back to the Support role because if I’m not throwing the lead down range, everyone else is... didn’t hurt that while in the military I was the M60 gunner in my squad. I also am pretty good in most vehicles... most days...

Eat Lead Buddy!!!

MSWS: Tell us about your all time favorite map in the Battlefield series and why you like it?

AZSITHLORD: Heavy Metal from BFBC2, big huge map lots of vehicles and open ground to sit and support troops in either tanks or with machine guns. A close second would be Oasis.

Heavy Metal


MSWS: What weapon, old or new, do you wish you could add to the current BF3 game.

AZSITHLORD: Ooo that’s a tough one, so many to choose from now, either the XM29 or the M32 Grenade launcher. Firepower on demand systems only one of which is seeing service.

M32 Grenade launcher

MSWS: What's your favorite pin you hope to see in the personal stats at the end of a game round?

AZSITHLORD: The Combat efficiency ribbon... when i see those it’s usual a good indicator that the day is going well...

Ahhhh....the sign of a good day!
MSWS: What helpful tip would you give someone to help them improve their game play.

AZSITHLORD: Practice and perfect your style of gaming, then incorporate that into a good team with good communication. It doesn’t matter if you’re good as long as you’re the best that you can be with your team.

Random hot chick with a gun
MSWS: Do you have a favorite moment or funny experience in Battlefield you would like to share?

AZSITHLORD: Well, there have been so many events that occur on any given day with this group, that it’s really hard to narrow down a specific one.


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