Monday, June 11, 2012


Please vote in the comment section below regarding the discipline actions to be taken on Crash.

Choice 1 - Permanent ban from the Mofo Squad.
Choice 2 - 30 Day ban from Mofo Squad team speak and squad play.
Choice 3 - Apology accepted, you are welcome back to play with us.


  1. The vote from me is #2. He has been taled to and he needs to chill for a time. Then a term of forced re-education camp.

  2. 2

    I expect stellar behavior if you run with us. The glitch is one thing. Not owning up immediately is another.

  3. 2

    You know how the MOFOs feel about hacking. What I saw you doing looked more like glitching. Regardless, it's an unfair advantage and neither should be done in game.

  4. 2.

    Anything you do as a part of this group refects on the group. You glitch, you use anything that is considered bad play, you hack, all of those should and I'm sure will cause you to not be a part of this group.
    We play to have fun, we play together to have more fun, you throw something in to cause it to be not fun, you go away period.
    We are adults playing a game, treat it as such. Own up to your mistakes and forgiveness will follow.

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  6. 1. It will save me from having to mute him... seriously.
    I'll go out of my way to forgive someone for making 'a' mistake, but repeated issues and obvious lack of integrity don't fix themselves in 30 days.

  7. it was very hard to communicate with anyone bout this situation the only people i was really able to talk to was stealth they were nice enough to give me the opportunity to have a few options. option one was give me 30 days ban and i would be back on your team speak
    but one of the options was for me to let the mofo give out a vote to see if i would still be on or not
    i picked a vote instead of a 30 day ban because it should be your choice it is your team speak server too why should i choose my punishment for glitching in a boat under the map. i would of stopped right away if i could hear you mofo telling me to stop but i was kicked from team speak once i was aware of that i was on foot the rest of the time then after that you guys banned me from the server.

    one thing i do ask for is that only mofo would be able to vote on this please

    it has been allot of fun and i would not go though this much effort if i didn't care

  8. It is only mofos are voting. The unknown votes above are from Don_Mario and only will count as one vote.

  9. Thrasher votes 2. So looks like a 30 day TS ban, ban will expire on 7/21.