Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MOFO meets FOG

Loken here.

Well this time, on my monthly trip to Florida, I was able to meet up with Kenny Mortos, aka KMort.  Kenny lives in Tampa, and I was visiting my ex gf and her kids up in Orlando.  So, a Saturday meeting at Disney was cooked up.  Kenny invited us (my ex gf and her two 5 year old little boys) to hang with him at the Disney Epcot resort and after some time by the pools, we headed to Wolfgang Puck's for dinner.  Kenny was a total gentleman and paid for all of us (Damn, I should have had the filet and not the damn Risotto!), which he really didn't have to do.  But Kenny is the King.  All the waiters there knew him.

This is the first recorded meeting in R/t between MOFO and FOG clans.  And a good time was had.  Plus, Kenny is Greek like me.  And despite the well known tradition of two Greek's opening up a restaurant when they meet, we decided that wasn't a good idea.

Kenny is every bit as likeable in person as he is online.  We discussed playing BF3, the crappy selection of servers on FOG that resulted in TWO Metros in rotation (that is gone!) and the need to have the new maps in there.  We also discussed mixing up game modes, and he told me that FOG actually has 3 servers (which someone probably told me but I missed like I always do when I am playing!).  

Kenny told me he has THREE monitors so he can play the game on the middle one, watch Teamspeak on another and monitor the servers on a third.  We also discussed the need to have fun and eliminate stress, for as Kenny says "They ain't paying me to play this."

More to come as Kenny and I will certainly meet up again since my whole family lives in Clearwater now as well.


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  1. Can you imagine how many F-bombs were dropped when these two got together? Kenny, is your left hand hiding in the back pocket of Loken's shorts? Good stuff guys, kinda like a DC meets Marvel cross over episode.